Top 10 Worst Concerts that shook the whole World

The best part that comes to your mind when thinking of concert is loud music, dance, head bangs, and luscious foods, but when it goes wrong and off beam it can terrify and frighten you resulting in a disaster that are almost impossible to handle. When you go to watch concert paying enormous amount of money sitting in front of greatest band and witnessing some greatest singers and musicians from your eye, sometimes things get messed up and doesn’t go according to your plan. Sometimes viewers are victim of it and sometimes band members are target of it causing them to death making one of the music tragedies ever.

Here we present top 10 worst concerts ever that shook the whole world and here are some of them:

  1. The Who- Riverfront Coliseum


In the late 1970’s rock concerts were used to be greatest fashion and much were anticipated before this concert. This tragedy concert took place at Riverfront Coliseum currently known as U.S Bank Arena today. Nearly 19000 people were attended that day but something went wrong and tremendous rush of people was felt across the entrance and exit gate. 11 people were dead in that day and is remembered as one of the shocking moments in Rock concerts forever.

  1. Rolling Stones- Altamont

16 Dec 1969, Livermore, California, USA --- Livermore, Calif.: Many of the hundreds of thousands of rock fans were high on either drugs or wine as they gathered here to enjoy the free Altamont concert by the Rolling Stones and other rock groups. This young man (foreground) takes a deep belt from his jug, as he enjoys the music completely nude. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

When Rolling stones announced concert tour date in Altamont USA, it was supposed to be a successful tour but within a minute at the starting of song “Sympathy of Devil” fans went absolute furious and Lead singer Mick Jagger urged audience to calm down but fight erupted in front of crowd and several peoples were victim of it including pregnant woman having her skull fractured with a beer bottle hit and a man named Meredith Hunter pulled off a gun but no firing were heard but the atmosphere of violence was devastating and it was impossible to deal with.

  1. Limp Bizkit- Woodstock “1999”


This concert was titled as sexual Assault concert after that day. Nine Inch Nails, imp Bizkit, Korn and Bush were on the same stage and it was the turn of Limp Bizkit to perform at that moment. During the song “Break Stuff” chaos were heard and it was reported that one women was gang raped by several people and aside from rape, humans were found death, rape were found in several places and bonfires and destruction were in the every corner making this one of the worst concert ever in the history of the world till now.

  1. Pearl Jam- Roskilde Festival


Before Pearl Jam gave concerts at Roskilde Festival in Denmark, it was one of the quiet rock stages but in 2000, on the slippery night and heavy rainfall things were terrified and several people were killed rushing to the stage. It was reported that 9 people were dead due to suffocation, the band immediately announced to cancel the concert and the song called “Love Boat captain” references the tragedy of that 9 people.

  1. Metallica and Gun’s N Roses- Montreal


Well what a day that could have been if both these legendary bands could share same stage the same day. Axl Rose was scoundrel that day as he disappointed 50000 crowd showing up late and leaving the concert an hour early. People began to smash windows, set fires that took uncontrollable behavior, streets were full of young people and eventually people were controlled by local police using tear gas.

  1. Sugarland-Indiana State Fair


The country band announced to perform on the stage on Aug 13, 2011 on that summer evening. Things didn’t went according to planned before the start of the concert as heavy rain and weather was not co-operating with them, they had to delay their start many times but they performed through the rain and at one moment it was absolute disaster, High winds during the storm caused that framework to damage and collapse, Nearly 50 people were transported to hospital and band members Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush were also found in that incident.

  1. Great White- Rhode Island


One of the most terrifying concert in the history of the World took place in Rhode Island, Crowd were all set in fire of the Station nightclub fire that led to 100 people in a ash, 230 people were injured and were immediately taken to hospital. It is reported that quick fire made people impossible to escape and the exit blockage that hindered the evacuation result that death tally.

  1. Foo Fighters-Pukkelpop music accident


This concert fails is not due to their own fans but unprecedented weather caused the severe damage that 4 Belgium people lost their lives due to frightening storm. Foo fighters were on the roll to give the biggest concerts but due to tropical events the concerts was forced to cancelled and many people were hospitalized that day.

  1. Pantera- Ohio


Loud music, head banging were witnessed on the sage before the incident, but one psychopathic fan named Nathan Gale climbed on the stage and shot Pantera Guitarist Dimbag Darrell two times in the head in Ohio, Concert were immediately shut down and three other people were also killed that day. After a shock death Darrell brother Vinnie eventually managed to escape out from that carnage. This day is remembered as one of the shocking moments in Rock history.

  1. Love Parade (music festival) – Germany


On 24th July, 2010 a musical disaster took place in Germany that shook the whole world causing 21 death and 510 injuries. A popular music festival was going on between 3,00,000 people and nearly 3500 police were on the security guard. It was reported that death occurred as the ramp between tunnel under passed and festival became too crowded which left people to hustle over leading them to suffocation. One witnessed said on that particular event “The atmosphere was explosive. Many in the crowd seemed to be intoxicated. When people started falling off the stairs and pulling others with them, it became just chaotic. They just couldn’t be stopped. It was a living hell.” After that incident the Love Parade musical festival is no more and their organizer said “We will not host this even in respect for our victims”.


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