Top 10 Richest Rappers and their Luxurious Cars

Whether you relish rap song, their style, flair and their music or not but believe me, rap artists are highest paid in the music industry. Rapping is one profession for some artist where they not only generate money but also enjoy luxurious life with girls, cars and their life with comfort. We present you the top 10 rappers of the World and how they make changes to their life by changing Cars.

10. Snoop Dogg:


Snoop Dogg is adjudged as one of the legendary rappers of all time. Apart being a wonderful performer on the stage he holds as one of the greatest rappers in the music industry. He has total net worth of $140 million and owns 1967 Cadillac as his best car.

9. Lil Wayne:


Lil Wayne basically renowned for his rough figure in the entire music industry owns net worth of $140 million. At the age of 15 he founded cash money group and until now this group holds some of the wealthiest rappers. Cadillac CTS, mid-sized luxurious car is his famous car.

8.Ice Cube:


With the net worth of $140 million Ice Cube is one of the richest rappers in the world. Known for his fast rapping skills he has gradually made impact on musical industry and in some movies. He owns famous Cadillac car as his best one.

7. Eminem:


Known as godfather of Rap history Eminem has estimated net worth of $150 million. With some movies, releases and live concerts he has added enormous amount of money to his tally and is selected as one of the richest rappers of the World. He has made Ford Mustang as one of his best car

6. Birdman:


Famous Rapper, CEO and co-founder of Cash Money Group Birdman has produced few albums but has estimated net worth of $170 million. Apart from Mercedes Benz sprinter, Maybach 62S Landaulet Bugatti Veyron is his famous car

5. 50 Cent:


Working on some movies, producing live concerts and music albums 50 Cent has net worth of $260 million and is regarded as one of the deadliest personality in entire USA. Rolls Royce Phantom car is one of his best car.

4.Russel Simmons:


A top producer in the rap world and co-founder of Def Jam Labels Russell Simmons has net worth of around $350 million. Bently is his famous car besides ford mustang and Bugati Veyron.

3. Jay Z:


Having idiosyncratic and distinctive taste in his rap Jay Z is one of the richest Rappers in the world with a net worth of $570 million so far. Maybach Exelero is his famous car besides Benz sprinter.

2. P Diddy:


With his amazing and wonderful singing this rapper has been in everyone mind across the International level. With a net worth of nearly $720 million he owns Maybach Exelero as his best car.

1. Dr. Dre:


With a net worth of $800 million this man is on the top of the list of richest Rappers of the world. Known for his extraordinary performances and amazing rapping skills he is just one step closer to become first billionaire in the rap history. He enjoys his life on Hummer H2 car alongside Benz sprinter.

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