Top 10 Pink Floyd Songs You Must Hear Before You Die


Pink Floyd is adjudged as one of the greatest Rock bands ever. Their music has changed millions of minds turning the ordinary man into artists, writers, philosophers, among many other characters… Their music is surrealistic, imaginative and original. A complete journey through space and time, their lyrics have given us new thoughts about life, love, madness, desire, death and many other topics that make our brain work in a different way. Space music that sends your body to paradise. Without using any drugs just their sounds.

They have opened the gates of Prog rock with experimentation, new recording techniques, different sounds, lots of new equipment. So, they have shown the sound of the future. From their roots to the top of the tree they have developed their music to another level with an amazing start to our days.

Here is a countdown of top 10 songs that I consider have changed my life in many different aspects… what is yours? … I hope you like mine.

10. Atom Heart Mother:

(Atom Heart Mother 1970) this is an experimental song that includes a full orchestra and choir directed by Geesin. It’s a kind of classical song, which contains 6 parts suite where you can recreate a story. It has a cello solo, sounds of voices, groovy basses, mystical guitars and organs. This song gives an example of the diversity of the band to compose and to search new sounds; this was the era of the guitar and avant-garde. It is one of their longest songs 23:44.

9-Dogs (Animals 1977) this song is very conceptual, developed from “You Gotta Be Crazy” the lyrics give a point of view like the George Orwell’s animal farm. There are many guitars recorded in this song fitting together to give an example of an excellent guitar player as David Gilmour, Wild Drums, A powerful Bass, and a psychedelic synthesizer solo. This song is built in many parts with many changes at the tempo going up and down with excellent effects.

8-Hey you (The Wall 1979) it begins with an acoustic arpeggio in E minor. This is an excellent song with a psychological context. It doesn’t appear at the wall movie, but it had a great success and it is considered for many people as their favorite Pink Floyd song. It has great bass lines by Roger waters and the drums have some arrangements that always have to be there when they play it live. At the end of the song there is a very good sentence “Together we stand, Divided we fall”

7-Money (The Dark Side of the Moon 1973) at the beginning of the song there is a perfect riff in a strange time signature 7/8, something very unusual for its success. The sound of coins and cash registers give the song an original complement. Its instrumentation is powerful as the lead vocals, including a saxophone solo that opens the doors to the wonderful guitar with a great rock sound.

6-Wish you were here (Wish you were here 1975) this song is beautiful and everything fits perfectly, the lyrics, the guitars, the lead vocals. This song may cause flashbacks through many passages of our lives.

5-High hopes (The Division Bell 1994) this song is a piece of art which lends itself a visual representation, it is full of instruments and voices that create a feeling of being in a big field mixed with nature. At the end of the song there is an excellent solo on the lap steel guitar. The lyrics were written by David Gilmour and His wife Polly Samson and they speak about what we gain and lost in life.

4-Shine on You Crazy Diamond (Wish you were here 1975) it is unbelievable what they created with this song, it is more than a tribute to Syd Barrett. This song will be in our minds forever; every note of the guitar is amazing and full of feeling, and it is surrounded by the sound of the pad that creates a cosmic atmosphere and   the rhythm of the drums gives strength to the song. On the other hand I consider that the lead vocals on this song are the best contribution of roger as a singer. It is said that Syd Barrett appeared at the Abbey Road studios when they were recording this album.

3-Time (The Dark Side of the Moon 1973) at the beginning of the song it will wake you up to reality. Based on the lyrics it means “Life is happening now” so, you need to get what you want before it’s too late. The music creates an ethereal atmosphere that explodes with a magnificent guitar solo by David Gilmour. By the way the voices of Rick and Dave are great, perfect pitch.

2-Comfortably numb (The Wall 1979) There are different moods between the voices of Waters and Gilmour on this song. Gilmour wrote the music and Waters wrote the lyrics. It is considered one of the best creations of the band and it also has for most people the most amazing guitar solo in rock history. This song will produce Goosebumps through your body. When playing live at the wall tour David Gilmour used to appear on the top of the wall playing his amazing guitar solo while roger waters was singing to the wall at the bottom wearing doctor clothing.

1-Echoes (Meddle 1971) the number one of the countdown is a masterpiece created by Mason, Waters, Gilmour and Wright. From the beginning to the end everything is in the right place. The lyrics are about mysterious places, meeting with yourself in the street. Some guitars sound like mythological Birds among many other experimental sounds included in this song. And it is even better when you watch them playing this song at the Pompeii amphitheatre, it sounds magical. This song has a complex structure where you can hear every movement getting more exciting as it goes. This song is what we really call good music for me.

*** I have to admit that it was so hard to make a top 10 because Pink Floyd has many other songs that are brilliant such as:

Coming back to life, learning to Fly, Marooned, Green is the Colour, Careful with that axe Eugene, Us and them, Childhood’s end, fat old Sun, Mother, One of these Days, welcome to the machine, Lucifer Sam, Grantchester Meadows, Mudmen, Run like hell, Jugband Blues, Embryo, Sorrow,Wot’s…uh the Deal, Sheep, the Fletcher memorial home, Good bye Blue sky, among many others that I really recommend.

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