Top 10 Metallica Songs

Whether it has been slow rock, Instrumental or it is heavy Metal, Metallica had the impact on the Music for last 30 years. Their heavy, ambitious and hard hit guitar riffs has ruled the entire world compassionating to become one of the greatest Metal Bands ever in the history of Rock and Roll music.

From early 80’s to till now Metallica has produced some of the finest hard music, Here are the list of top songs by Metallica.I hope you like mine


10.Unforgiven 2: This song has provided a deep message and killing melody which touches your soul and makes you to look back what you have done so far in your life. Perfect song that has entitled James Hetfield Voice and certainly one of my best songs to be listed in my favorites.

9.The Day that Never Comes: After a long break and with new bassist Robert Trujillo and a reunion with his former band members Metallica came up with one of the most intensified song which shook the whole world. Anxiety, Speed, Complexity and from slow classic rock to hard Metal this song has shown what Kirk Hamett is capable of and their melodious sound and Intro has taken themselves into my list.

8.And Justice for All: A completely different touch of music and this music have got everything what Metal fans would have wanted. It incorporates everything: Brutal riffs, Killer solo, Complicated rhythms, tempo changes in the music, Hard Drumming and importantly their message spreading the corruption of government and humanity’s battle and hopelessness against it. It is the perfect example of the masterfully worked composition.

7.For Whom the Bell Tolls: This is the song which got me as a Metallica and Thrash Metal fan. From the start till the end this music has provided a pure Headbanging rhythm and no one will ever doubt the talent of Metallica bassists Cliff Burton with his dominating Bass solo. This song will completely freezes your bones and Cliff Brton bass Intro will blow your mind.

6.Nothing Else Matters: Before “The Black Album” Metallica weren’t known for their classic songs. After this song was released Metallica changed the dimension of music cleaning up its image and sound with a freaking lyrics. Solo is stirring and James Hetfield awesome vocal with Lars Ulrich in the Drum has made this song as an epic and will be continue nearly about 50 years to be epic.

5.Seek and Destroy: If Metallica was founded to be one of the greatest Metal Bands ever. Perhaps this song helped them to be one of the best. From the start the Guitar riffs which opened up the track was one of the most iconic riffs ever heard while the solo performed by Kirk-Hammett provided a foretaste that what he is actually capable of performing in the large stage.

4.Fade to Black: Simply a song that no-one will miss in their list. A perfect balance between sweet melody and a guitar, this music has both mix of Thrash metal and their lyrics address a suicidal feeling beginning with an acoustic version at the start and as the song progress the introduction of music becomes progressively harder and louder.

3.Enter Sandman: Simply a masterpiece in case of a music. How many times you overplay and overplay the perfect composition and balance of the music will makes you to hear you for many times. This song was totally responsible for creating history and making Metallica as one of the Best Metal Bands around the World. James Hetfield vocal Intonation while Kirk Riffs and perfect solo at the middle and Wah Wah pedal with the wide range of scales has perfectly pictured the song as one making all time greatest song.

2.One: How well the song has been written? Well just go and ask Metal fans and you won’t be disappointed. Starting from a soft melodic and as the song progresses the heavier and faster speed metal sounds by Hetfield and Kirk Hammett has provided the haunting track suited with the lyrics. This song is a beast and during that time in late 80’s No song was able to reach the height compared to this song. This song is one of the band most popular masterpiece making this the most played song from the album “And Justice for All”.

1.Master Of Puppets: Probably one song that comes in everyone mind after listening to Metallica name is this song. 8 minutes longer, Brilliantly Composed, Amazing solos, well collected guitar riffs and Cliff Burton mind Blowing Bass followed by unstoppable hard hitting Lars Ulrich in the Drum has made the track as one of the best Thrash metal song of all time. This song decribes as “How things comes around, whatever you are taking and doing, it’s drug controlling your brain and you”. James heated version of lyrics and vocals provided by the best solo ever in the middle of the song has been entitled as the number one in my list.

Though there are many songs which may not have listed in the list. Songs like Fuel, Creeping Death, The Four Horsemen, Blackened, Battery, All Nightmare Long, Until it Sleeps, Whiplash, Harvester of Sorrow, Orion are especially Recommended songs.



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