Top 10 Led Zeppelin Songs


Led Zeppelin is acknowledged as the greatest band of all-time. During the Rock and Roll era consisting of bands like Queen, The Beatles, The Who, Pink Floyd in that age, and with Robert Plant on the Vocals, Jimmy Page on the guitar followed by John Bonham on the drums and John Paul on the bass very few bands have reached the height of Led Zeppelin. With 4 gifted and genius musicians of the generation, Led Zeppelin has produced the hard-crunching songs that no-one could ever matched in that generation. Here are the list of top 10 songs I have enumerated in my list. I hope you like mine.

10.Over The Hills and Far away: This song consists a perfect balance between folk rock and hard rock. Robert Plant Vocals and combination of John Bonhman’s drum and John Paul Jones in the bass is really a worth music to listen for.

9.Black Dog: Well this song is not the best songs in Led Zeppelin list but this song has defined an entire generation of Rock and Roll anthems. Jimmy Page multi-tracked guitars and Robert Plant Vocals just adds the punch to this amazing song.

8.Whole Lotta Love: This song is best recognized for greatest riffs ever. The song hit number four on the Billboard charts and structures some groundbreaking guitar work by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant’s signature rock vocals.

7.Achilles Last Stand: Well if  somebody ever doubted why Led Zeppelin is listed Rock and Roll Hall of fame, just simply listen to this song. The solos, drums, vocal melody and the composition seems you never want to end this song listening. This is the song which is comparable to Stairway to Heaven but slightly lyrics disadvantage has given this song to number 7 in my list.

6.Since I’ve Been Loving You: This is the song where this generation music should listen and learn some vocaling skills with Robert Plant. This music just takes off your brain and visualize them to the new world while listening it. This is the song that Jimmy Page was best renowned for the greatest Guitarist of All time.

5:Immigrant Song: This song has been recognized as the greatest riffs in Rock history. Released in 1970 this song was able to capture the new dimension of music with hard music and mind-blowing vocals.

4:Dazed and Confused: This is the song that intermezzo with Bonham’s drumming skills and Jimmy Page guitar while the mimicking solo of Jimmy Page in the middle will blow your mind.

3.When the Levee Breaks: A simply classic song and John Bonham’s drum along-with Jimmy Page guitar solo perfectly match in this song. The vocal of Robert Plant just adds stroke to this amazing song.

2.Kashmir: It’s been battle with Stairway to Heaven to be in the top of this list but Kashmir has been listed in my 2nd number in this list. Just simple if you haven’t heard this song then you haven’t heard Led zeppelin song. John Bonhman drum adds another dimension to the music alongside Jimmy Page riffs in the start of the song. This song is truly one of the best Rock songs of all time in the history of music.

1.Stairway To Heaven: A perfect song feom 4 musical genius, The lyrics has strong influence on the listeners and this song is more enjoyable when you have something weed in your hand. The tempo of the song goes on increasing as the song progresses and the masterful solo in the middle of the song by Jimmy Page is regarded as one of the best solo ever heard in the history of music. This is one of the best song in the rock history and will be never found such powerful lyrics afterwards in this musical era.

These are the top 10 songs of Led Zeppelin from my point of view, However songs like Going to California, Communication Breakdown, The Rain Song, Ten Years Gone, HeartBreaker, Ramble On, Rock and Roll are hard to manage on my list. So these are especially Recommended songs besides than top 10.

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