Nickelback to release new album “No Fixed Address” on November 2014

Nickelback has announced their eighth studio album “No Fixed Address” to be released on November 2014. This album will be released by the Republic Records for the first time.


Nickelback is a Canadian Rock band whose songs are based on various genera hard rock, post-grunge, alternative rock, alternative metal, heavy metal and pop rock. This album’s songs also cover all these genera. From this album “No Fixed Address”, The band has already released the songs (Audio only): “Edge Of Revolution” and “What Are You Waiting For?”. This album consists of eleven tracks: “Million Miles An Hour”, “Edge Of Revolution”, “What Are You Waiting For?”, “She Keeps Me Up”, “Make Me Believe Again”, “Miss You”, “Get ‘Em Up”, “The Hammer’s Coming Down”, “Satellite”, “Sister Sin”, “She’s Got Me Running Round”.

Being one of the most commercially successful Canadian groups and the top rock group of the decade, the band has sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. The previous albums of the band have produced the top hit songs: “How You Remind Me”, “Someday”, “Photograph”, “Far Away”, “Rockstar”. In addition to this, these songs have counted as the top song on the Billboard chart, Canadian chart and other music chart around the world.

In the preceding years, the band has produced the hit songs and the songs that remain in the mind of audiences forever. This upcoming album “No Fixed Address” is also assumed to be the top rock album with those top rock songs as like in the past.

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