Miley Cyrus Affairs and Breakups

Miley Cyrus is a popular American singer and actor. Born in November 23, 1992 in Nashville, Tennessee, Miley rose to prominence through the Hannah Montana television series.


Miley Cyrus and Nick Jones :

21 year old Miley Cyrus’s first ever known affair was with Nick Jones, a disney star (currently in relation with Miss Universe Olivia Culpo). Their relation lasted for nearly two years(2006-2007). “Nick and I loved each other,” Cyrus confessed  in the extensive interview of  seventeen magazine, september issue, 2008. “We still do, but we were in love with each other. For two years he was basically my 24/7. We were arguing a lot, and it really wasn’t fun and we broke up.” cyrus_jonas

Miley Cyrus and Justin Gaston :

In the year 2008, Miley dated Justin Gaston, an underwear model (spouse Melissa Ordway, married in 2012). Their relation lasted for just nine months .He was four years senior to her. Miley was found hanging up with her ex Nick Jonas which created bad atmosphere in the present relation finally inviting breakup. “She was hanging out with Nick again a lot”, said Justin, “but he was cool with it at first, as long as it was just a cool, friendly thing. But Nick was trying to get her back the whole time and Miley was acting like giving a chance one time.” miley-cyrus-justin-gaston-koi

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth :

Mileys’ third affair was with Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor. They met while shooting the film “The last song” where their onscreen romance translated to real life love. At the Movie’s premier in March 2008,they confirmed their dating but the relation didn’t last long and they finally broke up in August 2010. Miley said that Hemsworth was her first serious boyfriend. Miley being super focused on her work,wasn’t able to give her time to Liam & so Liam wasn’t satisfied with this.

At premier of"The last song"

At premier of”The last song”


Miley Cyrus and Mike Posner :

In November 2010, Miley Cyrus was rumoured to have  relation with Mike Posner, an american singer,song writer and producer, but he denied for this gossip and  told  in his interview with certain media that they were just friends and Miley was too young  for him to be dating.Miley was 17 at that time and Mike posner being 22 and half. mike-posner- miley

Miley Cyrus and Avan Jojia :

Miley Cyrus had a short term romance with Avan Jogia, a British and Canadian actor, (recent girlfriend-Zoey Deutch) during december of 2010. They were found kissing in Miley’s 18th birthday. But the fact is still unknown if they were really in relation or just a short term romance. Miley and Avan were first linked together when they were found together for lunch and later on in the Hallowen party in the Month of October, 2010.

Miley's 18th birthday

Miley’s 18th birthday


Miley Cyrus and Josh Bowman :

In the february of 2011, Miley cyrus was rumoured with Josh Bowman, a British film and television actor. They worked together in the romantic comedy “So undercover“. In the picnic party they were caught snuggling and kissing. The relationship appeared to be just a fling.

Miley and Josh picnic date at Griffitih Park in Los Angeles

Miley and Josh picnic date at Griffitih Park in Los Angeles


Miley Cyrus and Liam HemsWorth :

Miley and Liam HemsWorth patched up in  early of  september 2011 and got engaged.But the engagement broke in september of 2013.Miley revealed that she couldnt be herself around him and so she quit .After Break up,in interview with Barbara Walters,ABC journalist,Miley says,”I was so scared of ever being alone,and i think,conquering this fear,this year,was actually bigger than any other transition that i had this entire year. I don’t ever want to have to need someone again,where you feel like,without them,you cant be yourself”.

Miley engaged to Liam

Miley engaged to Liam

And recently Miley is single and enjoying her life in new ways, applying new theories, doing amazing stuffs, increasing both her fans and haters each day. S, 

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